Here´s a selection of terrific online magazines which featured my work:

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(sorted by publication date)

Shotmcn, Italy

I support Street Art

Neubz, La Réunion

Cultura Inquieta, Spain

Urbanshit, Germany

The Real Art of Street Art, England

The Street Art Curator, England

Hypeness, Brasil

Klonblog, Germany

Nonconventionale,  Italy

Free Labs Creativamente, Italy

Golem 13, France

Paperblog, France

Shop Talk Magazine, Brazil

Kastormag, France

Reservoir Blog, Belgium


Ozartsetc, France

Lost at e minor, Australia

Ufunk, France

Beforeitsnews, Australia

Designtaxi, Singapore

Designsekcja, Poland

AnimalNewYork, United States

Hypenotice, Denmark

Howfuckingcool, Great Britain

w-o-s, Russia

Radio Sarajewo 90,2, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Elit Klub, Hungary

Echanjeux, France

Anotherwhiskyformisterbukowski, France

Topnewstoday, United States

Design com Feijao, Brasil

Saloona, Israel

Malvadas, Brasil

Surfingbird, Russia

Blogvot, Russia

Heartcareguide, United States

Mad Subculture, Portugal, Netherlands

2 Tout 2 Rien, France

Espaco Fashion, Brasil

Ziguline Magazine, Italy

Lamonomagazine, Spain

Portfolio Lovers, Brasil

Tongue Magazine, Spain

Czytaj nie pytaj, Poland

Il domani dello sport, Italy

Zupi, Brazil

Barbearia Clube, Brazil

Laughingsquid, Canada

Poebao, Poland

Westoek, Belgium

Sensilinea, Brazil

Geekette, Canada

Doctor Ojiplatico, Brazil

Mistura Urbana, Brazil

Not wild style, Japan

Ubersuper, Switzerland

Si24, Italy


and many more. Thank you!




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