The Most Expensive Photography In The World (© 2012/2020)


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"The Most Expensive Photography In The World" by Mr Peluche shows the miniature installation named "Apocalypse Training" he created in 2012. The artist did not aim to sell the work so far, though it earned great attention during several art exhibitions in Berlin.

But over the years, the "Most Expensive Photography In The World" has become even more and more up-to-date and charged with meaning just by existing, so Mr Peluche has decided to sell the work for a good cause.

The one of a kind photo brilliantly depicts the state of the world in the 21st century in an unprecendented clarity and timeless significance.


Title: "Most Expensive Photography In The World"

Materials used for underlying micro installation: Plastic, resin, paper, crown cap, cress

Photo materials: Fine Art Pigment Ink. Photo paper. Acrylic glass.

Size: 187 x 125 cm (73 x 49 inches, exact size will be customated in consultation with the buyer after purchase).

Price: 7.000.000 $ incl. VAT and shipping.


For this artwork Mr Peluche's Robin Hood Principle applies

 Mr Peluche works according to his Robin Hood Principle. This means that the proceeds from the sale of his art are donated to good causes, be it human rights, environmental protection or simply neighborhood projects that try to make the world a better place with their means.

Mr Peluche has used the years of his absence from social media to make an inner transformation that he now wants to give back to society. With the purchase of an artwork you donate indirectly to a good cause. For that, thank you very much.


Print: The work comes to you as a gallery master print in master print quality, so you can hang it on a wall to show it to your friends, or not, just as you like. The prints are the newest generation of digital fine art printing with a very fine resolution and the highest light resistance, and are accepted by museums and galleries worldwide as the leading standard in art reproduction. A state-of-the-art revolutionary printing technique is combined with a paper that is specially manufactured. The print is mounted under a single piece of acrylic glass. Seamless Fine Art Pigment Print. Durable Silicone Seal under Gallery Acrylic Glass. Handmade Frame by print manufacturer if desired.


(c) 2020 by Mr Peluche


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